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Nogginhorn provides professional development and consulting services  to teachers & leaders in academic, government, non-profits, museums, and corporate sectors. We assist leaders with services that will allow today's students to be successful, productive contributors to society.

Nogginhorn LLC. designs innovative solutions for educational leaders. Today, successful schools and agencies require an innovative approach to technology and courses offered to students. Nogginhorn delivers consulting practices proven to address the genuine future needs of students. Nogginhorn can provide your school, business, or agency with in-service training, on line career-themed learning products, curriculum development, Perkins reporting, consulting services and more.

Several areas of expertise are:


  • Google Apps. For Education

  • Integrative STEM - iSTEM

  • Information Technology Dept. Supervision

  • Program, Curriculum and Facility Design

  • The Design/Problem Solving/Engineering Process

  • Curriculum Mapping

  • Project Based Learning 
  • Staff Supervision/Evaluation
  • Ingenuity, Creativity and Innovation Integration
  • Lesson Planning/Coaching
  • Systems Thinking
  • Carl Perkins Federal Grant

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Mark Wallace D.T.E.